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Le Maple German Academy

The Best German Language Institute in Kerala

Welcome to Le Maple Academy of German

High Quality and enjoyable German language classes for professionals and students moving to Germany – from beginners to advanced levels. 

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About Us


Le Maple is a leading foreign language training institute in Kerala,founded in 2016 with the aim of offering quality foreign language education to overseas students and job seekers.We started out offering English and French language training and the astounding success of our courses encouraged us to come up with more foreign languages, namely German, Russian, Spanish and Italian.

We attribute our success to the unique and innovative language teaching methods we have developed to help candidates from non language backgrounds who have to clear language proficiency exams to seek greener pastures.At Le Maple we believe that each candidate is unique and has different language learning skills and this knowledge has prompted us to try out several language learning methods for adult learners.All the courses we offer at Le Maple have benefitted hundreds of students master the foreign language of their choice effortlessly and in a enjoyable way.

We are always looking forward to more language learning aspirants who can avail of courses so that they too can emerge successful in their studies or work life. See you in class !

Why Choose Lemaple Academy?

– Proven and Systematic Approach to German Language Training
– Tailor-made Courses that suit your individual goals
– Small Class Size
– Ultimate Flexibility in Class Timings
– Quality Training at Affordable Fee


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If you are new to learning German, you enrol in the Goethe Zertifikat A1 course and to do this course you do not need any prior knowledge of the language. But courses in the intermediate level call for a basic knowledge of the language.

Not at all. If you have already learnt English, learning German should not be hard for you for a range of reasons. First of all,English and German stem from the same language family and share more similarities than you realise.40% of the vocabulary is similar and the pronunciation is straightforward.

Of course. If you have a strong internet connection and a good computer with a webcam, learning German from the comfort of your home is one hundred percent possible and practical.

Yes. Before joining the course you may attend two or three trial classes to ascertain the quality of our training by paying a nominal fee.

There are a lot of reasons actually. At Le Maple you receive quality German language education that meets international standards. Secondly, the classes are taught by expert trainers who have years of relevant teaching experience. Last but not least, the students receive personalised training which ensures that they reach their required level without toil.

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Meet our Lead Trainer

The head of our German training division is
Mr. Arun Anand, a multilinguist with over ten years of experience teaching German, French and English language courses in India. All the courses taught at our institute were written by him after years of language study and research and they have already assisted many in mastering the foreign language of their choice. For him learning new languages and developing courses is a life long pursuit. We are sure that you will find his courses and teaching methods to be unique and exciting.

Le Maple German Academy



Years of Experience


Happy Students


Courses & Trainings


Expert trainers


We issue each student a course completion certificate at the end of the course stating the marks obtained in the internal exams for each module.


What Our Student Say About Us

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